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My First Car

My First Car

Mina & Esther Johnson

Author's mother, and her aunt Esther, the heroine of Cruel Irony. c. 1922

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. (1970)


Gary W. Clark Biography

I have been captivated with history and early photography for more than thirty years, and blended the two passions together in writing several books on vintage photographs and historical events. As an enthusiastic genealogist, the core of my activities is the research and the gathering of historical information. These interests led to an in-depth look at the artwork and satire of Charles Dana Gibson in Lessons from the Gibson Girl.

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, I have benefited from living around the U.S. and the world, This included nearly 30 years in the San Diego area, where a fun marketing career in the technology industry exposed me to a wide variety of people and places, providing some of the best education one can receive

Photography was a lifelong hobby and then an integral part of my career; it became a natural impetus in developing a passion for vintage photographs and the people in them. My early books focused on early photographs, providing guidance to historians and genealogists in the research of old photos. Extensive history and examples of 19th century photographs are included on my photography website:

Recent books include Grand Army of the Republic and Union Army Research, an Essential Guide For Genealogists and Family Historians doing research on their Civil War ancestors. Another recent recent book is Cemetery and Gravestone Handbook - For Genealogists and Family Historians. A complete handbook for research, documenting, photographing, and cleaning gravestones.

As the history side of my brain took over, I ventured into writing some less technical books and became interested in the stories of life. FUBAR 2.0 recounts my M*A*S*H-like experience in the Army during the Vietnam Era. Cruel Irony follows my maternal ancestors from England to the prairies of Kansas, and chronicled the life of one particularly interesting aunt, who experienced the fascinating and sometimes harsh periods of the early 20th century including suffrage, The Great War, The Depression, and World War II.

Vintage Photograph Resources

An extensive Pinterest board showcases my photography and historical images. In addition, my vintage photograph website delivers an extensive history and over a thousand examples of fine old photographs, many as early as 1840. This was designed to be a tool in dating old photographs for genealogists and family historians. Click on logos to explore.

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