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Books by Gary W. Clark

Clark's writings cover 19th and 20th century history, revealing the life and times of Americans from the 1880s to the 21st century. Also available are highly rated guides to vintage photographs and archival photography that help the historian and genealogist identify, preserve and restore their old photographs.


Grand Army of the Republic and Union Veteran Research

Paperback, 131 Pages, 8½" x 11", $22.95.00, ISBN 978-0983578543 (2021)

Grand Army of the Republic and Union Veteran Research brings the most extensive history and research guidance of any resource to the genealogist and family historian. READ MORE.

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Cemetery and Gravestone Handbook, For Genealogists & Family Historians

Paperback, 108 Pages, 8½" x 11", $20.95.00, ISBN 978-0990761594 (2019)

CEMETERY and GRAVESTONE HANDBOOK looks at a variety of topics that researches find difficult to master. Each and every one can enhance the history and story of your ancestors. READ MORE.

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Teenage Soldier – Don. K. Clemence, A Greatest Generation Story

Paperback, 102 Pages, 6" x 9",$8.00, ISBN 978-0990761587 (2018)

Teenage Soldier shares the story of a young eighteen-year old who was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1945 while still a high school student. After armored cavalry training he was deployed to Europe where his duties in France included arresting army deserters and Nazi soldiers, and other duties of an M.P. in postwar Paris – all before turning 20 years old. His story is one of many such young men of the Greatest Generation. READ MORE.

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Book Cover of Lessons From The Gibson Girl

Lessons From The Gibson Girl – Her Quest for Equality, Justice, and Love

Paperback, 290 Pages, 8.5" x 8.5",$12.95, ISBN 978-0990761570 (2017)

Lessons From The Gibson Girl traces the Gibson Girl in Charles Dana Gibson's satirical artwork as she captured the admiration of both men and women with seductive yet thought-provoking humor for more than thirty years. Not a biography of Gibson, it is a serious look at his satire and over 260 classic illustrations he wielded to lampoon society from his first cartoons in the Victorian 1880s through the rowdy 1920s. READ MORE and see sample pages.

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Book Cover 20th Century Photographs KwikGuide


20th Century Photograph KwikGuide – A Guide to Identifying and Dating 1900 to 1950 Photos

Paperback, 112 Pages, 8.5" x 11",$21.95,ISBN 978-0-9907615-3-2 (2016)

Do you have a collection of unidentified photographs? The 20th Century Photographs KwikGuide is the fifth book in a series that helps genealogists and family historians date old photos and identify the people in them. Covering photographs from 1900 through World War II, each decade is studied to reveal clues that place photos in their correct historical timeline. Everyone has photos from the 20th century; this is must-have for any genealogist's or family historian's library. READ MORE and see sample pages.

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Cruel Irony Book Cover

Cruel Irony – Triumphs and Tragedies of a Modern Woman

Paperback, 163 Pages, 5.25" x 8", ISBN 978-09907615-2-5 (2015)

The story of a women born on the prairies of Kansas in 1896 who battled family conflicts and tragedies, saw the Great War, devoted her life to the care of others, then experienced her own Cruel Irony way to early in life. This book follows an English immigrant family as they ventured into Canada in 1855 and then to Kansas in 1870. Its a story filled with the work and sacrifices required to survive the era. Esther Johnson, and here female ancestors bore more burdens than most, yet their strengths allowed them to prevail above life that was stacked against them. READ MORE

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FUBAR 2.0 Book Cover

FUBAR 2.0 – A Soldier's Insight Into Military Chaos

Paperback, 180 Pages, 6" x 9", ISBN 0983578575 (2015)

FUBAR 2.0 is an entertaining and funny journey, visiting the military's absurd side, in addition to some sad and shocking events. FUBAR moments can shape a person's life; understanding these events will help understand the soldier, sailor, marine, and airman.

The book chronicles two years of FUBAR events that snake through induction, basic & infantry training, nuclear warhead security, deployment to Germany and to Vietnam. READ MORE

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Slides and Negatives Book Cover

Slides and Negatives – Digitizing and Protecting Your Vintage Film

Paperback, , 6" x 9", ISBN 0990761509 (2015)

Slides and Negatives is the most complete guide to digitizing and preserving vintage film for family historians, genealogists, and archivist. This book takes a comprehensive look at four primary areas of interest that will help safeguard your film collection: 1) Archiving your slides and negatives for safe keeping 2) Cleaning the slides and negatives 3) Digitizing the images in optimal formats and size 4) Identifying and handling potentially hazardous film. READ MORE

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Photo Restoration Book Cover

Photo Restoration– Repairing Photographs with Photoshop Elements

Paperback, 8.5" x 11", ISBN 0983578532 (Updated 2015)

The Photo Restoration KwikGuide presents an easy-to-follow approach to problem of fixing damage to your valuable photographs. By applying digital editing to high quality scans of the original photographs, anyone can repair the damage by following detailed instructions in the book. Using the popular Adobe Photoshop Elements as the image editing tool, this KwikGuide shows how to fix the seven most common kinds of photographic damage. Illustrated with over 200 photos and screen image examples, the Photo Restoration KwikGuide offers step-by-step guidance to repairing damaged photographs. READ MORE

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Cased Images & Tintype Book Cover

Cased Images and Tintypes– A Guide to Identifying and Dating Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and Tintypes

Paperback, 8.5" x 11", ISBN 0983578591 (2013)

The Cased Images and Tintypes KwikGuide is a detailed and clear source of identification tips and photo dating information for daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes. This is an indispensable reference tool for genealogists, family historians, and photo collectors who are conducting research on vintage 19th century photographs. READ MORE

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Cabinet Cards and CDVs Book Cover

19th Century Card Photos – A Step-by-Step Guide to Dating Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards

Paperback, 8.5" x 11", ISBN 0983578559 (2013)

19th Century Card Photos KwikGuide presents an easy-to-follow set of clues that guides genealogist, historians, and other researchers through the task of dating their card photographs from the 1800s. With over 200 high quality documented photographs included as examples for every clue, the researcher can accurately and with confidence determine most photograph dates to within two to six years. READ MORE

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Real Photo Postcards Book Cover

Real Photo Postcards – A Guide to Identifying and Dating Real Photo Postcards

Paperback, 8.5" x 11", ISBN 0983578583 (2013)

Real Photo Postcards KwikGuide is a fun guide to the popular postcards in the early 20th century. This guide is required reading for genealogists, family historians, postcard collectors, and vintage photograph enthusiasts. The KwikGuide presents a short history of all postcards and then covers Real Photo Postcards in detail, including how to recognize and date them. Dating postcards is important to understanding who the subjects in the picture may be. For collectors, determining the date of a photograph may help understand the rarity and value of a postcard. READ MORE

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