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Invite me to your bookclub meeting (or any gathering) for a fun discussion. Over Skype, it's almost like being there. I will have plenty of show and tell, and will share secrets of research that went into the book. Ask anything you want to know. Send me an email for details and to set up a time.

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Book Club Discussions for Then and Now

Then and Now presents so many topics for examination and lively conversation, any discussion group could be engaged as long as they wish. Set in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the state of thinking then is foreign to many today, yet some current beliefs are cloaked in a spin of words or unfounded fears left over from the past.

Suffrage and women's equality was nearing reality, yet the passage of the 19th Amendment did not magically change the lives of women or men. Sadly, many of the meaningful goals strived for still have not come to fruition. But not for lack of effort by C. D. Gibson.

The artwork and satire of Charles Dana Gibson, and others, in weekly magazines was one of the most popular and effective ways in which ideas were revealed and shared. Gibson, and his "Gibson Girl" have frequently been analyzed and sometime criticized - but usually from cursory study. Now and Then delivers a wide view of his work and the society around him. Its impact, or lack of impact, on today is eerily obvious.

Book Clubs

Consider Now and Then for a club meeting discussion. It will certainly not be boring. Besides social messages derived or refuted, many of the cartoons themselves will provide plenty of interest for discussion and even laughs. You may be suprised at how modern the values, attitudes, and expressive thoughts Gibson gave the Gibson Girl are.

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Want to ask the author your own questions? No problem. I will attend your book club meeting - virutally! Via a Skype session, I would be happy to join your club for a discussion of Then and Now. With just a little planning, we can schedule an hour-long life video session, all free. For details and a guide for setting up Skype, your computer, and TV (for large viewing) - send me an email:

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